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The MASCHINE trousers from Schöffel PRO are practical companions for the warm seasons. The short work trousers are made from a polyamide fabric, which is pleasantly airy on the skin due to the low material weight. The elastane content of approx. 8% offers you a highly flexible 4-way stretch, thanks to which the trousers follow your every movement.

The cut of the shorts is modern and, thanks to the continuous cut part in the crotch, fits comfortably even when you move a lot. For a secure hold, the waistband is raised at the back and has two elastic inserts on the sides. The shorts are closed with a rubberized jeans button and a zipper in the fly.

But the special feature of the Schöffel PRO work trousers lies in the design of the right thigh pocket. There is a replaceable tool bag hidden in this, which can be completely removed using a zipper. In addition, the cover of the bag can be opened on two sides or locked behind the tool bag using a push button.

Size chart for 58:

Height in cm 186, waist width: 112cm, inseam length: 89cm

92% polyamide, 8% elastane

Item condition:
New: New, unused and unworn item

Condition information

Condition information

You will find information about the visual and technical condition of our bikes. As well as information about the last service inspection , these should be understood as follows:

Information on the optical condition

We would like to point out that we sell used and/or discontinued bikes here. If they are no longer in new condition, minor scratches can always occur. Wheels are visually classified as best and conscientiously as possible using the system below.

very good condition = very well-maintained condition/minor scratches possible that can arise from driving and/or storage

Good condition = has minor visual damage to the paint (we'll try to show it as best as possible with a picture)

Heavily used condition = has major damage to the paintwork in several places and you can clearly see that the item has been heavily used/technically harmless

Information on the condition of the wearing parts

We would like to point out that we sell used and/or discontinued bikes here. Which are no longer in new condition. Wheels are visually classified as best and conscientiously as possible using the system below.

very good condition = very little wear / used but can be described as almost new

good condition = shows wear / but below the tolerance limit for replacement. In need of maintenance = one or more components must be replaced

Requires maintenance = One or more components need to be replaced

Information about the last service inspection

We carefully check the purchased bike for damage, clean it, service it and, if necessary, replace wear parts. The date given is the date this was done and has not been moved onto the trail or roads since.

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Our standard

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You will receive a bike/item that has been checked honestly and conscientiously and the condition is classified in our categories (explanation of this in the condition information).

So you know what to expect and get a bike/item with which you won't be faced with major repairs after a short time.

  • USED ​​GOODS - Warranty

    We provide you with a one-year warranty on all used bikes, components and equipment we offer. Damage, breakages and defects that are not directly attributable to your use. So with us you are perfectly protected and fully cared for.

  • NEW GOODS - Guarantee

    You receive the full manufacturer's guarantee on all new, exhibition, demonstration and discontinued bikes, components and equipment offered.

    If in the article text: Application of differential taxation according to § 25a UStG - the warranty applies here