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Bontrager XR1 Team Issue TLR MTB tires

The Trek Factory XC Race Team's preferred tire is light, rolls quickly and delivers reliable traction to optimally convert power into propulsion

On course for the podium
The XR1 Team Issue TLR is an ultra-fast, ultra-light cross country race tire and the ideal choice when maximum speed and high acceleration are important. The smooth rolling center tread makes it easy to maintain speed, while the more aggressive side knobs provide more confidence in corners and more technical sections. The TM Speed ​​rubber compound rolls faster and Bontrager's Inner Strength tire construction guarantees lightweight puncture protection.

Product details
This lightweight XC race tire impresses in hard and fast conditions
The flat, fast-rolling tread pattern with more aggressive side knobs provides security in corners
The exclusive TM Speed ​​rubber compound and 120 TPI construction rolls quickly and smoothly
Supple and robust Inner Strength Casing provides lightweight side protection
Tubeless Ready (TLR) for easy tubeless setup and better puncture protection

Size 29" x 2.2"
Diameter 29"
Width 2.2"
Rubber compound 62a/60a
Bead core foldable
Type Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher
Maximum pressure 50 psi
ETRTO 56-622
Inner Strength puncture protection
Spike capable No
Sealant volume 85 ml
Weight 630g

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Condition information

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Requires maintenance = One or more components need to be replaced

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